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Froman in Small Town Episode 4 COMING SOON

2014-12-31 15:12:08 by Mdoganima


                                Well hello Newgrounds community! Its good to be back around with some good news, but first the bad. It's taken me over 6 months more to complete the fourth episode of FMIST a few months extra then I had planned again with organizing issues, voice actor issues; one of my voice actors from this episode dropping out. We'll just add to the tally of people who've left this project I started (2 in counting), starting a youtube channel in which became another hobby that strained my animation hobby along with my real job in general. Put a dappening on progress to the fourth episode. Now good news found a pretty reliable voice actor (no bullshit this time hopefully) 2 in total, and  I finished the fourth episode just in time for New Years YAY!!!! It should be up today heres to hoping at least within the underjudgement section. I will be describing more of what this episode will be about when the final release hits Newgrounds thank you  for the hundreds of views and for my 11 fans still around. - Mdoganima, Malcolm


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