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Mdoganima closing: it's been a while

2015-11-05 18:25:10 by Mdoganima

Hello everyone I've been away for a long time; during my abscence I've moved to my home state, got a new job and have been trying to keep focused on work. Fro-man in small Town is going to be on hiatus for quite some time. I remember some while ago someone told me starting and maintaining a series would be too ambitious and I practically said "fuck that I'm starting a series" to which I couldn't maintain or struggled finding time for but hopefully since I do have all animated files on back up not all will end for Froman and company.

I started a youtube channel not too long ago and been doing well keeping consistent with that and started a account here for all cartoons relating to that channel XtremeMedia. If you find the time check it out. Glad to be back even if it's with the undoing of Mdoganima. All Froman in Small Town cartoons will be re uploaded to Xtreme media and the parent youtube channel. Thanks to all for any support !  


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